Sunday, July 18, 2004

Modesto Mojo

By far, the best song that I have listened to 300 times tonight has to be "Modesto" by the Mojo Apostles. Never mind that I am developing a major crush on every last one of them.
"It's Thursday and I think this is Modesto/Might be hell, 'cuz they kinda smell the same"
Favorite misheard lyric : "Payin' hookers by the pull"
I am officially charging all my johns by the pull, because clearly this "flat fee 'til you're done" business is NOT where the money is at, and since there is little to no repeat business* in this industry - forget it! It's like taking ATM cards or coupons, I am just not ready to start letting my side business back slide into chump change. Plus, think of how many more people you could attract if you offered services that fit into ANY price range. "Only have $4? No problem! You can get one pull and two fiddles or three fiddles and a hum or 5 fiddles and a stick of gum. We have payment plans to fit any budget!"
*and for those of you who do repeat, I thank you, and as a Summer Special, your rates will remain the same until September.

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