Sunday, July 25, 2004

Comic Remix

I have been battling a migraine since Friday night, and have just logged on fast enough to post a few pictures and then I have to crawl back into the blackened air conditioned santuary of my bedroom. Until I can expand more on the weekend's fun, here are some highlights :

  • giving Lou Ferigno a high-five while walking by (Ryan)
  • encounters with herds of Spidermen
  • half nekkid sluts (courtesy of Adult Comics)
  • John & Rosey's hotel reservation being cancelled due to overbooking, causing 3 stages of grief : 1. anger 2. swearing 3. saying fuck it and going to Vegas saturday night instead
  • black armpits from my new black shirt
  • attack of the killer tomatoes tattoo (Mia)
  • meeting a super duper Kung Fu master (literally) who is a celebrity bodyguard and also one of my favorite new friends (Dave)
  • laughing at the sign "$85 to meet Mark Hammil, $35 to meet Val Kilmer **note, ticket purchase does not guarantee that you will actually get to meet celebrities. No refunds. Absolutely NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!!! If you want to have something autographed, you must ask permission first. Items such as photographs, toys, and collectibles may not be autographed"
  • Chris sitting on the IDW panel next to Will Eisner
  • freebies
  • Thomas Jane (the Punisher) asking for a copy of Chris's script

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