Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Comic Comic Comic Chameleon

Only one day left my friends... and I'm sure you just can't wait! Less than 24 hours until the kick off of the Comic Con International (yes, you read it right - INTERNATIONAL). I'm sure that you're all dying to attend and give me someone to hang out with (attn : certain somebody - you never know if Neil Gaiman might be there...)... call me!!! 

Crime Lab Studios isn't getting it's own booth (a combination of finances, laziness, and the fact that the only "together" person in the bunch just had a baby and is thereby excused from looking out for the rest of us) this year, so we're all tacking on to our parent companies - those being the companies that sign the paychecks. Danny Miki, Allen Martinez, & Victor Olazaba will likely make the rounds doing autograph sessions and such - check your programs for times & locations.

We will be exhibiting with Todd MacFarlane/Spawn this year, although I doubt we'll be at the booth much. Ryan's not scheduled for any autograph sessions (he's still a grom) so we're free to spend the days how we please*. Mostly, we'll be soliciting work... trying to get Ryan some more full time gigs... you know how it is. Big Pimpin'. That means that we won't be in the actual booth a whole lot, but you can probably find me there hanging out in the back, knitting.  Except for the hour of 12pm - 1pm on Saturday, during which you can find me waiting in line to snap a picture with the Coreys. Yes, you read that right... we're just one step from voting Feldman-Haim!

If any of you can make it Friday night is the infamous dinner at the Old Town Mexican Cafe, which is where we hold our banquet. Thanks to the freakshows at Atomic Basement who always keep track of who is where and how many people, etc. It's sure to be a margarita-fueled good time, that goes all night... generally, about half the group migrates back to the Gaslamp District to be seen at the various parties and such. If you stick by Danny Miki, you can get into all of them - from the Top of the Hilton parties thrown by the big boys (Marvel, D.C., etc.) to the funky costume fiestas and the cocktail receptions... whatever you're looking for, it's there!!

So, in case you didn't read this proficiently enough : PLEASE COME AND KEEP ME COMPANY... SOMEONE... ANYONE!!

p.s. I love you

*drunk and eating popsicles by the bay

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