Thursday, July 29, 2004


This is not a political blog, by any means. And I think that one good look at the home page of this site would tell you that I am not a conservative Republican. I won't go into bi-partisan politics here today, either, but someone sent me this link earlier and I just liked the effects so much that I though y'all might enjoy it too.

While I'm not 100% sold on any of the current contenders (poor Ralph Nader, go home and rest... don't become a Republican pawn!!) I can tell you that my vote firmly lies outside of the Bush campaign. I am part of a new breed of middle class poor, held down by the politics of the current White House that looks after only it's most elite citizens.  I live in a country where 3 million children went to bed hungry last night, and the prospects for today aren't looking much better, and yet the extremely wealthy found loopholes in the tax codes to avoid paying money to the government for their luxury items.

What I am is an ABBA. ABBA is a group formed to get everyone out to vote, no matter who it's for. The only message is : Anything But Bush Again

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