Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Do you all have a KTLA station where you live? A cheesy network with crappy weekend movies that run non-stop? Did you station run the movie "Twins" with Ah-nold and Danny DeVito into the ground about 15 years ago and forever taint the word with their lame melody that is the god-damned PERFECT jingle?

"Because we're brothers/Identical Twins as you can see/Why watch another movie/When you can see two of me?"

Aaaaaaah! I can't get it out of my head (no thanks to Kylie Minogue). I've been buzzing with it all day. Why? Because I have found my long-lost secret twin sister, thanks to this blog. Who is she you ask? She's the coolest cat around. The kind that if you lived within 2,000 miles of her, you'd totally follow her around and send her handmade valentines in July. She is, of course, Styro.

ten MORE reasons why :

1. jibbled giblets
2. all-encompassing hate for public restrooms
3. insatiable ska appetite
4. love for vespas
5. rockin' the nerd-secretary-who'll-steam-up-your-manila-folders glasses
6. high tolerance for pain
7. small crush on migraine pills
8. low tolerance for idiots
9. snarky but sweet
10. codename : Sweet Tits

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