Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Fire Your Fact Checkers

I have noticed lately two songs in commercials that seem very out of place. I will concede that they have a catchy beat and the cropped and clipped versions of the songs that are played are not representative of the actual song itself, but still... it leaves me to wonder - who chose these songs?

Case in Point #1 : Iggy Pop & the Stooges "Lust For Life"
You will recognize this happy tune from the Royal Caribbean commercials, where the happy sailors frolic on the rock-climbing wall or trek through Alaska or swim with sting rays. Drum line - awesome. Vocals - eerily catchy. Lyrics - uh... fire the fact-checker.

Case in Point #2 : The Transplants "Diamonds and Guns"
You have heard the piano riff and the "woo woo" in the back of the Garnier shampoo commercials. A bunch of beautiful twenty-somethings are showering in the desert, concerned about their split ends. Melody - very likeable. Vocals - stick in your brain. Lyrics - again... who would choose THIS song??

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