Monday, May 03, 2004

Vacation Highlights

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I don't want to blather on forever... wait, yes I do, but I WON'T blather on forever about how great my vacation to Cancun was. Instead, I will give you the following highlights from our trip :

  • weather was awesome

  • the crocodile was huge (over 8 feet long!)

  • the iguanas were equally huge and a little too casual for my taste ("please Mr. Iguana, sir, get out from under my bed and leave immediately")

  • the food was excellent

  • no one knows what was in the "Scooby Doo" shots and they were a different color each time. One thing is certain : you get REAL drunk REAL fast

  • the snorkeling was beautiful and I am now kind of scared of thimble jellyfish

  • we met some really cool people there and swapped a few business cards – who knew you could 'network' in the middle of a game of pool volleyball?


Hugfest, however, is a trip that I WILL blather on forever about. I am so enchanted and totally in crush with all the people that I met. I wanted to take them all home in my pockets with me.

On Saturday, Ryan and I got to the airport, to meet Miss Bliss, although we didn't see her right away. I should have known that she was the cute blondie giggling into her book two rows over! She came up to us (no doubt thinking "I hope this isn't them! What imbeciles! Shooting peanuts out of their noses? At 10am?!") and we became fast friends. Miss Bliss is an absolute gem of a lady. Think of every beautiful adjective for a person, and that's her. I will start a list to get your mind on the right track, but at the risk of sounding like a complete psycho, I will stop after five : 1. genuine 2. funny 3. warm 4. comfy 5. delightful

After our flight was delayed not once, not twice, but THRICE (!!), it was finally cancelled. The best feeling of the day was when Miss Bliss shrugged her shoulders and said "eh, we'll drive then." TOTALLY my kinda peeps. Fortunately, we were able to take another flight to San Francisco (instead of San Jose) so we didn't have far to drive. I was double lucky that Ryan got sat on the aisle across from us on the flight, so I got Miss Bliss all to myself. [insert your jealousy here]

At the airport we rented 2 cars (Miss Bliss was driving separate so she could visit some other lucky Bay Area inhabitants) and so Ryan and I got to rock out to Rob Zombie at top volume and argue over which of us loves Miss Bliss more. I think I won at infinity billion, but he's still rolling his eyes and questioning the validity of the number. Whatever, he's such a nerd.

The hotel that we stayed at was tres cool. If by "cool" you mean lodge in the woods, haunted by ghosts with a secret tunnel from the prohibition era and a mermaid swimming pool for the prostitutes. See what I mean? All that AND free cable. Dude, I was sold.

I regret that my first meeting with the Divine Miss Jules was in the hallway outside of my room, after a sweaty day of traveling without makeup and the breath of a trucker. Yow. I am so lucky that she agreed to ever talk to me again after that. However, she did give me a few minutes to freshen up – fresh deodorant, lipstick and a little hairspray – and then we met the whole gang down at the bar. Everyone was so great right off the bat. Bloggers that I have barely had the privilege of conversing with via email were actually talking – to ME!!! And they were all so kind to my dear husband, who needs a short leash and alas, does not have a blog (although a great kudos is in order to Erin for pointing out a great blog title and subject for Ryan. Pay me a dollar and I'll tell you what it was (Only joking… the cost is $2).

After all the Blogsylvania gang, plus some "real world" friends had all convened, we moved the party back to Casa De Jules. The whole Jules Family had really outdone themselves! Mr. Jules built a Tiki Bar and a whole outdoor party room – with his own two hands!! The whole lovely garden was transformed into a little piece of tropical paradise. Even the soft-as-kittens soil and ivy on the ground begged for you to take your shoes off.

This is what I have to say about some of the people who were there :

Miss Bliss : I adore this woman (see above)
Miss Jules : the friendliest, most beautiful lady in the whole world. I am so lucky to have been allowed to stand in her company. Seriously. I promise that next time I won't be so shy and you'll be in for a world of hurt!!
Mr. Jules : I'm sorry that you had some technical difficulties with your TV and that you hate the Elephant Man so much. I did however totally enjoy your stories. And your Bruce Lee shirt. Oh, and p.s. – Ryan keeps writing "Jeremy + Ryan = BFF" on all of his peachies now.
Erin : one cool chick! Not only did she tolerate my buttinski into her conversation, she totally didn't roll her eyes when I admitted my love for fart jokes and Will Ferrell movies
Pete : SUCH a cool guy!! I personally want to tweeze the nose hairs from the Dan Band for trying to rain on my man's parade by not returning for their encore. Stoopit Dans!!
JadedJu : I didn't get to converse with her too much one on one, which means that at Hugfest 2005, I am totally plunking myself at her feet and making her my new best friend… watch out!
Dan : I am totally in crush with Dan. #1 – he laughed at one of my jokes (and 1/100 ain't bad, folks!) #2 – he makes the Best. Desserts. Ever. #3 – he wore a Choppa hat #4 – he sings like the devil #5 – he'll totally do a little jig to get himself out of hot water
GoodBoss : I am in awe. She is a totally bitchin' chick AND crafts AND collects cool old stuff AND agrees that we need some vintage cars, only with air conditioning and electric windows.
Claire : total sweetheart and I am so lucky that she didn't punch me in the face when my story turned quickly from the I-appreciate-the-chance-to-bond-with-my-dad-at-a-concert story to the I-am-an-ass-who-name-drops-about-all-the-bands-she's-seen. Sorry about that. I totally owe you 20 minutes of your life back.

There were many more, including a visit from the Dear Parents and adorable Sister de Jules, but unfortunately, I am bad with names and spent too much time hiding behind a tree scarfing down Dan's orgasmic rice krispy treats to get to chat with you much.

Needless to say, I hung in there until the very end, when I half considered ditching the haunted hotel and curling up between Mr. & Mrs. Jules for the night. Even in the divot would have been ok. But instead we took the coldest walk in the history of the world back to our car (cut me some slack people! It's been 90+ degrees here lately!) and went back to the hotel to catch a few hours of sleep before check-out at 11am.

I am utterly in awe of all the wonderful people that we have met. And doubly blessed to have been invited in the first place. Thank you, Miss Jules, for letting us join you. Happy birthday again. And I know we still owe you a song…

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