Monday, May 24, 2004

New Favorites

Saturday, Ryan's band played at the Liquid Den in Huntington Beach with the Mojo Apostles, who are my new favorite band. This is just one more stab in the eye for those of us who don't live in the Bay Area.

These guys, from Oakland, are seriously the coolest punk-a-billy band I have seen in a while (although to be perfectly honest it's been a year since we saw the Reverend and the SCOTS at the House of Blues). The lead singer is seriously the coolest ever - you just have to hear it. They also hand out free CDs, so you really should get one. You have NO excuse!! Hear them. Love them. Thank you.

p.s. I hope that all of my new best friends up north know that what this means is that I may be sleeping on your couch sometime soon to see these Oakland baddies.

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