Tuesday, May 11, 2004

it's like waking up in a clean house

So today I logged into my beloved Blogger and everything is different! Is this what happens when you don't post for 6 days? They change the whole look/feel of the site? I mean, I like it, I'm not complaining... it's just... new...

...and it was doubly bothersome, since I had this feeling just yesterday morning... when I woke up and my house was clean. And not like the "feh! It's clean enough" that it usually is... it was company clean! Carpets - vacuumed! Windows - washed! Clean laundry - put into the drawers, not stacked on the dresser! Sewing machine - not on dining room table! It was like waking up in someone else's house. Everything was nice, and familiar, but it is so different for me to have to *gasp!* open the medicine cabinet for the toothpaste that is used to living on the counter top.

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