Friday, May 21, 2004


Questions from Styro

1. You win two free international flight tickets anywhere in the world, but they’re ONE WAY. Where do you and Ryan end up calling Home?
Based on the few places that I have been, I would say Turks & Caicos. It was so beautiful there and the people were so friendly. Plus, I love me some cheap Jamaican rum!

2. You’re stranded a la Gilligan on a deserted tropical Island. You get to have four other people with you, of your choosing. Who are these people? Why’d you choose to bring them?
I'd bring Ryan for sure... I know, I know, that sound so cliche... but really he is my best friend and he's entertaining, strong, knows how to start a fire with sticks, and will gut a fish. So he's essential. I'd also choose Styro & the Librarian, because they are the hottest little couple ever and she is obviously my twin that got separated at birth. The last person? Hmm... maybe someone who gives good foot massages. I think we'll be needing some of that on the island.

3. What are you having for lunch today? I’m famished, will you give me half?
BBQ chicken - yes you can definitely have some. It is SO good, but it's too much for one person.

4. Annie are you OK?
Did you hear? I got hit by a smooth criminal!

5. A magic big-shoed clown accosts you in the park: he says he can give you ONE THING before he returns to his alcohol funnycar. What is that ONE THING that you ask him to give you? (It must be tangible. i.e. GET GREEDY.)
Of course, it's going to be money! A lot of money... enough to buy a nice house and a decent car and get my root canal and maybe some highlights in my hair. $50 million ought to cover it, don'cha think?

1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
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