Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Weekend Update - on Wednesday

What? Why yes... that IS my name in rhinestones! Yes, I know you are jealous. I am so rad that I am almost jealous of myself. Almost. I mean, check out that pomp! Look at that booty! And that bracelet? Forget it folks... you can't beat the Mia. Sorry. ;-)

Of course, all the credit goes to Styro for the awesome bracelet. I have the loveliest friends in the whole wide world. You may think you like your friends... but I GUARANTEE they can't beat what I've got! Go Fish!

Friday night we went to see Dead Man's Party who rock me to the core. They are bar none the BEST tribute band ever. Plus, they are an OINGO BOINGO tribute band. You can't beat that!! The show was so rad... plus, I had this flashy rhinestone bracelet to flash around, so I was pretty much the coolest girl there. (That's what the pictures are from - the Friday show)

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