Thursday, February 19, 2004

stealing borrowing some topics from Kim and Choppa and adding a few of my own I have come up with a questionnaire to get to know you all a bit better… you can answer here, in the comments, via email if you'd like, or post it back on your own blog (just let me know, so I can link to it or at least look at it). (I've also answered the questions, in fairness, so you don't think I'm all 'ask' and no 'tell')

1. I just showed up at your front door, unannounced, and have to pee REALLY bad. I head right into your bathroom … what will I find?

The sink is in pretty good shape… for my bathroom anyway. Not too much clutter and I actually did scrub the thing recently, so it's ok. On the floor there are the pants and underwear that Ryan wore yesterday and my pajamas from this morning. We're terrible about using the laundry hamper! Next to the bath tub, there is the shelf that is holds all kinds of miscellaneous stuff… candles, bath oils, etc. and the bottom shelf is piled high with magazines and books that I read in the bath. Also, depending on his mood, Ruckus may have unrolled the toilet paper into a twisted pile on the floor. Please do not look directly AT the dust bunnies behind the toilet. They are liable to bite you.

2. While washing my hands, I notice that your medicine cabinet door is slightly ajar. Being nosy, I take a peek inside… what's in there?

I have four shelves in my cabinet. The top shelf is all pill bottles. You'll find left over antibiotics and anticonvulsants that I didn't use. There's bottles of migraine pills, pain killers and even ear drops. The second shelf has bars of soap and deodorants. I probably have 4 different kinds and Ryan has at least 3. Plus the spray on one (Axe) that is mostly perfume for men (I call it "man pits"). The third shelf is mostly make up stuff like loose powders, fake eye lash glue, and for some reason a small maple candy santa in this tiny little box. I don't know where he came from or why. The bottom shelf is a mish mash of junk…antihistamine boxes, a candle, Bath & Body Works body sprays, band aids, hair spray, eye drops… infer from it what you will.

3. You're in a hurry to leave, but invite me to stay and relax. You give your set of keys and rush out the door… what is on your key ring?

I have about 10 keys on there, and yes, I really use them all. I have two key chains. One has a metal frog and the other has a View Askew medallion with Jay & Silent Bob on it. I also carry with me a Ralph's club card, and a PetCo Pals card. I also have the clicky-remote to turn off the alarm and unlock my car.

4. I decide to lay down and take a nap in your bedroom. I lay down on the bed and stretch out, but find that I can't sleep. Looking around your room, I am noticing the things on your bed side table… what's there?

I have a stack of about 5 books that I am reading (yes, all of them). I also have a pile of Simpsons comics which I have read recently. Last night I left my drink by the side of the bed, too, so there is probably a warm iced tea. On the floor, you'll see 2 or 3 condoms that never were put back in the drawer. A jar of Carmex, a pony tail holder, a pen, the Complete Kama Sutra, and a claw hair clip.

5. When you come back, you offer to make me dinner. We walk into the kitchen and open the refrigerator and pantry doors… what kinds of food do you have on hand?

My refrigerator holds these items : 12 eggs, 1 stick of butter, 1 tupperware container of random leftovers, 1 pizza crust, American cheese slices, salad in a bag, and a bag of spinach greens.

My freezer has : 8 chicken breasts, 2 lbs of ground beef, 2 lean cuisine meals, 7 frozen pizzas (the little $1 kind), 1 Claim Jumper frozen dinner, three trays of pirate chocolates, waiting to be packaged. A freezer bag full of Ghiradelli chocolate, a small Ziploc baggie of white chocolate and another of orange chocolate. Also three freezer bags full of fruity lollipops, waiting to be mailed.

My pantry has : mac-n-cheese (6 boxes), tortilla chips, Cheerios, 3 jars of peanut butter, instant mashed potatoes, a big bag of rice, a box of corn meal, cans of diced tomatoes and tomato paste. Oh, and microwave popcorn.

6. After we've eaten, you offer to give me a ride home, but your friend calls 'shotgun' before we get outside, so I have to sit in the back seat… what else is in the backseat of your car?

Actually, I had to clear out the back seat last night for someone else, so all that is in there today is my umbrella. But you'll noticed that I haven't vacuumed in a millennia so there is all kinds of miscellaneous scraps of paper, as well as the 'confetti' from a hole puncher that opened in the back seat. Yesterday, there was also a stack of the Taint's CD and their stickers, left over from their show 3 weeks ago, 2 beach towels, a beach bag, and sun block.

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