Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Sorry for the late response... I posted this earlier today, but was messing around with some settings and it all got lost in FTP-land... sorry about that!!

My interview went really good yesterday. The decision is due back in about 2 weeks. Oy, the agony! Question to all of you : is it the kiss of death if the interviewer mentions that you might be overqualified and asks you point blank if you think you'll get bored? I dished out a good line about being able to focus my talents on his work, which would make our partnership more productive, which could never be boring... I hope it worked!

I am changing the layout for the blog again soon... to match my new website. I haven't had very much time to really create anything, so some of the content was just moved from the old site. I promise that new material is forthcoming.

The 'official' launch should be tomorrow morning... stay tuned!

I started knitting a pair of wrist cuffs for Ryan. He says that he won't wear them outside the house... but he does like to wear wrist bands when he's inking to keep his wrists warm and it keeps the ink off his hands and arms.

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