Monday, December 01, 2003

Take Two... nah, forget it

Ok, so I typed out this whole long post this morning, basically gushing about how glad I am to be back to my Blogging Pals and when I was done, I closed the window. Save? no. Draft? no. Post? no. Publish? no. Exit stupid window and close without finishing? yes. I am an idiot.

Here is my Thanksgiving re-cap for you all :

  • I was telling someone about this over the weekend and they laughed and insisted that I show some one else... until at the end of the weekend everyone was doing the gestures and telling me to bring Choppa to turkey day next year. I officially invite anyone and everyone who wants to come to join us for every holiday celebration. I think Festivus is next.

  • Ryan and Evan are officially hand twins and are planning a roadshow where they will be lead by Maestro Choppa on the fine art of hand modelling.

  • Ryan and Evan say the word "antenna" like this : ann-tan-uh I say it should be "ann-TEN-uh"

  • Evan's defense :"what about 'Texaco' and 'Mexico'? Booyah!"

  • Evan didn't bring anti-perspirant, so he wore "B.O.dorant"

  • Molly (3 years old) says : "I can't want to like that"

  • Jenn had a 'Something About Mary' story that made me almost swerve off the freeway. Laughing hysterically and driving are not advised.

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