Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Rip Off

Stolen borrowed from Jules:

99.9 farenheit degrees/ stable now with rising possibilities/ it could be normal/ but it isn't quite/ could make you want
to stay awake at night/ You seem to me/ like a man/ on the verge of burning/ 99.9 farenheit degrees...

Stolen borrowed from Brent: You have to read this.

The Mighty Jimbo needs a roomie... are you interested? You could be part of the OC!

Lord Leiter got me thinking.... I am really over the grocery union people who are on strike. Here's why :

  • they have no room to complain about reduced medical benefits, when so many people in the US are working without ANY medical benefits.

  • I can't understand why they thought being a courtesy clerk would make a good life long career

  • no one should be allowed to disrupt the economy by refusing to work

  • if you don't like the benefits your company offers, maybe you should consider a career change

  • they are NOT ALLOWED to talk to customers except to 1. ask if they have time to discuss the reasons why they are striking or 2. ask the customer politely to shop somewhere else

  • picketers should be 4 feet apart at all times and should not be sitting or standing

  • picketers should not be allowed to bring their small children with them to run amok in the parking lot to try and drum up sympathy

  • picketers at a local store have been arrested several times for harrassment, physical confrontations, intimidation of the elderly, chasing people, slashing tires and breaking windows

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