Thursday, November 06, 2003

cold kitten

My poor Ruckus cat is ALWAYS cold. I tried to make him a sweater but it is so ugly that I can't bring myself to make him wear it. I was supposed to send material to this nice lady to have her make hima hooded sweatshirt but flaked out and totally forgot until now...

So instead I bought him a Halloween t-shirt at Target. For $5 your cat can also look this cool!

His shirt says "I'm skin 'n bones - need more candy!" Yes, the skeleton glows in the dark. Yes, he does wear it. No, he doesn't hate it. Yes, it is sometimes tricky getting him to hold still while you put it on. Yes, he walks around like normal. Yes, it does keep him warm. Yes, I am an enormous geek for making my cat wear a t-shirt instead of turning on the heater.

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