Wednesday, November 19, 2003


I promised y'all burping... and now you're getting it. I have probably gained 500 lbs already on this trip. On a typical day I either have no breakfast or maybe a small something (bagel or handful of pretzels or something like that). Lunch is generally a cup of soup or 1/2 a sandwich... dinner is iffy. Lately I have been skipping dinner, too, but generally we eat pretty good sized portions.

However, this week it has all gone wild. I have been eating three full meals a day... and not just full - TEXAS FULL! OMG! I had a salad yesterday that was *literally* more than a whole head of lettuce plus the chicken on top... it was insane. I got a huge ass burger for dinner the night before, a chicken sandwich last night... burp! I have never been so full in all my life. I have eaten full meals every day... burp... I need to loosen my belt just a little.

Since I ate my dessert at 10:30pm last night, I skipped breakfast to try and even things out. I think it's starting to work... I am actually starting to feel hungry again.

These are the highs and lows of traveling. Your per diem money affords you great meals in giagantic portions, you're wrought with indigestion and your clothes don't fit and then when you get home you're disappointed at the Top Ramen in the cupboard. You know I'll be sneaking back a slice of cheesecake in my suitcase.

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