Thursday, October 16, 2003

Who do you want to be today?

So am I the only one that already has their Halloween costume planned out? Amongst my group of friends, I am. They all think I'm nuts. "Halloween is weeks away, Mia!"

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I have decided to be Alice in Wonderland. I am using this pattern but will be giving it short sleeves (long sleeves bug me). I kind of wanted to give it a 'twist' but I am not sure what. I decided to go with a basic light blue fabric, similiar to the Disney version of Alice, and I'll have a white apron, etc. but I need to give it some pazzazz...

I'll also be wearing two versions of this outfit. For work, I'll wear white tights and my doc marten Mary Janes... at night I was thinking about white thigh-high nylons (wouldn't these shoes be great?!) and my black patent leather freak out shoes (4" stillettos with silver star rivets).

Any ideas?

This is what we have to work with, thus far :

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