Friday, October 24, 2003

stick it to 'em

My husband hates his 'day job'. He works for a corporate chain of retail stores that is a big bunch of poo. When he was hired, they told him that he was the most highly qualified candidate that they had ever seen and he was the only one with any experience at all in Visual Displays. They were stoked. They gave him the biggest, best, most promising store to work in, so that he could earn bonus money and make a higher salary. They were excited.

They lied. He's worked there a year. That store makes bank. He is mentioned in all the company newletters to the other Visuals teams about being the coolest and having the best ideas (even though they stifle him creatively, so that the stores will have a uniform look to them). He's never got 1 penny more than when he started. And they treat him like crap.

He reminded his boss on Monday that he had a dentist appointment for Friday (today) and that he would be taking an extended lunch (he's probably need 90 minutes instead of 60). His boss yelled (literally, raised his voice and shouted) at him about how he could be so "unprofessional" and he should reschedule for outside of business hours. He told him that he's "lost all love" for the job and "maybe should start thinking about moving on". Yesterday, he said that "your experience and talent and capability don't mean anything here. You're MY helper monkey and you'll do as I say."

So this morning, Ryan went in, organized all of his projects. Cleaned up his tool shop. Packed up his personal belongings and quit. His boss yelled and said "You can't do that! That's unprofessional! You can't leave! How dare you? You don't even have a dentist appointment! You just wanted to quit!" Ryan looked at him calmly and said "yeah, I'm the one acting unprofessionally. You drove me to this. I'm leaving now to floss for my dentist appointment."

He's already found a job as a strike breaker at Vons... making $5 an hour more than he was at his current job. Doing 1/16th the amount of work. Yay for Ryan!

**I know, it was unprofessional to act this way and to quit without notice, but these people REALLY suck and he needed to get out and he was planning to resign in 2 weeks to move into "Full Blown Stay At Home Comic Book Nerd Guy" anyway. It's just earlier than expected.

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