Friday, October 17, 2003

Say Anything!

Why is it that I always forget about Say Anything? It was on TV the other night and I was stuck glued to it. Giddy like a school girl.

I think that particular movie speaks to me more than any of the other 80's high-school-love-flicks. Or any other love flick, really.

I am absolutely smitten with John Cusak as Lloyd. He's funny, he's bumbling, he's nervous, he's sincere. I just can't stand it. Just thinking about it, my stomach is full of butterflies. I think Lloyd reminds me a little bit of myself and is EXACTLY the kind of guy that I wanted to be with. I can also identify with his friends. The ones who secretly harbor feelings for him, but are still OK with letting him go. The obssessive, bitter friend played by Lili Taylor.

I read online where someone said "the world would be a better place with more Lloyd Doblers." I couldn't agree more... which is why I married one.

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