Friday, October 10, 2003

No hablo ingles

Maybe I am a butthole or something, but the Mexican* girls don't like me.

It seems that every time I am within earshot of the Mexican girls, they slip into Spanish. They could be talking about something mundane or something exciting. Anytime this white girl slips into their radar : no hablo ingles.

And this isn't just casual passers-by... these are people who are working in stores, retail places, places where they are expected to help you.

Recently : at Macy's, my friend and I approached the counter to pay for our stuff. The two girls at the counter ignored us totally and slipped into spanish. After standing there for a minute or so I asked "are you open?" and the girl replied "oh no, joo needs to go to da udder one." Ok. As soon as we turned to walk away, the two girls giggled and started their conversation again...

"Yeah, right! Like I am going to help those bitches. Fuck them, stupid cows! And where the fuck did they get enough money to buy that stuff anyway? Probably their daddy's money. Stupid rich girls."

See, what they don't know is that I also speak Spanish. I may look like a dumb white girl, but I understand every word. If you go to Macy's, you won't find those girls working there any more. Yeah, I may kick ass quietly, but I do take names. Heh.

*I am not generalizing all Hispanic people. Mexcian girls are very different from, say, girls from El Salvador or Panama. Much bigger attitude, and often much bigger bangs to match.

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