Thursday, October 23, 2003

Moving On...

Why can't people have a "moving shower" like they do for weddings and babies? Isn't moving also a life-altering event, for which you are more or less unprepared? Maybe you've moved before, but that shouldn't matter. *Technically* the rules of etiquette say that you should only have a baby shower for your first born child, and yet we frequently host showers for multiple sibling households... why not? People want to do something nice, so why can't they? Plus, every time that I have moved, we inevitably discover that something didn't make the trip with us (fortunately, all the cats and Tinker Bells are accounted for). So we have to head out and buy crap all over again... which is fun, don't get me wrong, but for us it usually busts the budget to move, so the minor things like replacing the missing salad bowl is a low priority.

Sara over at Going Jesus was musing today about her roomie moving out and taking the only corkscrew in the house. Sounds like a good reason to have a "move out shower" to me!

This is how it works : the host/hostess makes a list of the most needed items which is not the same as your wedding registry wish list. No china, no silver, nothing from Tiffany. This would include items like spatulas, wooden spoons, a pizza cutter, cutting board, etc. Make a rule that no single gift can cost more than $10. All invited guests should bring a little gift and a 6 pack of their favorite beverage (or bottle of liquor) and wear jeans to help unpack. Of course, you could host this party once you're all settled in and have things put away - but why pass up on free labor? I can't guarantee that much will get done (especially if alcohol is involved) but what the heck?

This idea works really well for people who are just starting out... people who are starting over... or people who lose a bunch of junk in the move (ahem) and end up with lighbulbs that were dead to begin with but no sauce pan.

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