Monday, October 06, 2003

Fun but Sad but Bright but Dull but Happy but Depressing

As I blogged about last week, the 13th Annual CHOC Walk was on Sunday and Jenn and I walked in support.

First, I want to "shout out to all my peeps" an ENORMOUS 'thank you' for your donations. Alone, I was able to raise nearly $200, which my company will match for their donation to CHOC. $400 doesn't sound like a lot, but this is CHOC's largest fundraiser of the year and your generosity helped us to donate an estimated $750,000!!

Yesterday's walk was so overwhelming. Granted, we started our day before 6am, so we were a bit bleary eyed and emotional anyway, but the energy there was just amazing. 14,000 people all walking in honor of or in memory of their children. It's amazing to see how many lives were touched. I teared up more than once when I saw families that had the homemade shirts that said "Allison's Angels" or "In Loving Memory of Kevin" and showed a picture of these tiny children, stricken with cancer. It's amazing how many sick children there are, and how many are still out there, fighting the good fight. It makes me want to cry right now.

But it was also a very hopeful day. There were kids and families that were there as beacons of hope. The children who overcame cancer. The children who had been treated in CHOC's expert facility for ailments ranging from premature birth to broken arms and legs. Children that came to CHOC hospital from another city, state, or country to seek treatment. Children who couldn't afford treatment and were given treatment for no charge by CHOC. They came. They walked. They cheered. I cried.

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