Monday, October 27, 2003

Car Pictures

Jimbo's post today got me to thinking about the old school picture of the person posing in front of their car... when did that stop?

I mean, I have pictures of my mom in front of her little blue beetle and my dad in front of the VW wagon... grandpa and grandma in front of the Firebird, etc... but what about us? I have no pictures of me in front of my Civic. What if it becomes a collector's item someday and my kids wish that they could have had a picture of mom in front of that *cherry* '01 Civic?

I had a cool car once... a 1971 Karmann Ghia. Toothpaste blue. It was cool. I have one photo. Ghia on the flatbed towtruck. Being hauled away. After it caught on fire. While I was driving.

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