Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Three Day Weekends Rule!

Ok, I had outlined my plan for my 3 day weekend last week, but this is how it really went down :

7:30pm, Friday night
Mia : Man, I'm really tired.
Ryan : Me too.
Mia : I think I am going to lay on the couch and relax for a while.
Ryan : Sounds good. If you fall asleep, do you want me to wake you up?
Mia : Um... yeah...
Ryan : Actually, I think I am going to lay down. Scoot over...
[much struggling and readjustments to get ourselves situated on the couch]
Mia : Forget it. Let's just go lay in bed and watch TV.
Ryan : Ok.


Mia : Um, bub... did you know it's 9:30?
Ryan : Huh? 9:30? We slept that long?
Mia : Bub, I mean 9:30 a.m. We slept all night.
Ryan : Wuh? Cool.

2pm, Saturday afternoon
Ate lunch and went to the used book store. Bought 2 new books. Read One True Thing all the way through and started on my second book.

all day, Sunday
Lazy day. Went to several thrift stores in search of a good outfit for the hill billy party. No luck. Ended up with a skanky tube top from K-Mart. Bright side : including tax it was $1.12.

all day, Monday
Hill billy hootenany was cool. Straw and hay bales everywhere. Not enough rednecks and too many people on E. Pictures to be posted soon.

all day, Tuesday
Tired and dreading being back at work. Looking forward to the weekend and dreaming of a Friday night nap.

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