Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I Punk'd My Mom

Backstory : My mom wanted to take me clothes shopping for my birthday and so she asked my boss if I could take a long lunch hour. My boss asked me if she should just say 'yes' or if we could tease my mom... I told her to go for it. My boss and I are a great pair, she's so much fun to work with and we share a wicked sense of humor.

MOMMY DEAREST [11:46 AM]: hello....Sandy here. Mia's momma....
Boss Lady [11:46 AM]:  Hello
MOMMY DEAREST [11:47 AM]:  can I steal her away for an extended luncheon privilege so that I can purchase her a new outfit to wear to work on her beloved birthday tomorrow?
Boss Lady [11:47 AM]:  Eww, an extended lunch?  How long?
MOMMY DEAREST [11:47 AM]:  I know it's short notice...
MOMMY DEAREST [11:48 AM]:  I was thinkin 2 hours.. max...
MOMMY DEAREST [11:48 AM]:  is that too difficult for today?
MOMMY DEAREST [11:48 AM]:  it's not a biggie.... 
Boss Lady [11:49 AM]:  You know she has been leaving early a lot lately.  And maybe you can help me because I'm really disappointed in her attitude lately.  Is she having problems at home.
MOMMY DEAREST [11:49 AM]:  not that I know of...
MOMMY DEAREST [11:50 AM]:  and I’m totally unaware of her leaving early.hmmm
MOMMY DEAREST [11:50 AM]:  and...don't feel you have to let this happen... really... I’m a STICKLER for punctuality and attendance
MOMMY DEAREST [11:51 AM]:  she knows that
Boss Lady [11:51 AM]:  I really can't let her go. She really needs to clean up her act or I don't know what I'm going to be forced to do.
MOMMY DEAREST [11:51 AM]:  I understand... and you need to say something to her
MOMMY DEAREST [11:53 AM]:  I know she feels she's working really hard lately
MOMMY DEAREST [11:53 AM]:  so maybe that has something to do with an attitude?
Boss Lady [11:54 AM]:  I have said something to her.  I have given her verbal and written warnings.  It just doesn't seem to be getting through to her.  She was always such a hard worker.  I don't understand what's happened.  Maybe she is just not happy here anymore.
MOMMY DEAREST [11:55 AM]:  hmmm... I don't think that's it... I really don't. she loves her job.. and you. 
MOMMY DEAREST [11:56 AM]:  I think she feels that when you're away... people just dump on her when they could do things themselves...
MOMMY DEAREST [11:56 AM]:  now...I know that could be only HER side.. but that's what I’ve heard
MOMMY DEAREST [11:57 AM]:  I could be confused...  but it seems she chose to stay with your staff instead of a transfer to another job?
Boss Lady [11:58 AM]:  You have just been PUNK'D.....ha ha ha.  I was just having some fun with you.  Of course she can go.  And none of those things I said were true.  Mia is an outstanding associate that I could not live without.
MOMMY DEAREST [11:59 AM]:  OMG. I was thinkin I should spend her bday money on therapy
MOMMY DEAREST [11:59 AM]:  I’m in tears for her
MOMMY DEAREST [11:59 AM]:  I know she works so hard.. or says she does
MOMMY DEAREST [11:59 AM]:  I thought.. man.. I’m missing something
Boss Lady [12:00 PM]:  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring you to tears.
MOMMY DEAREST [12:00 PM]:  I love her soooo much
Boss Lady [12:00 PM]:  I know.  She speaks so highly of you.  I think I asked her once if you were looking to adopt another daughter.
MOMMY DEAREST [12:00 PM]:  gees...I’d always love more
MOMMY DEAREST [12:01 PM]:  and PUNK'd is one of my favorites
Boss Lady [12:02 PM]:  OMG! I'M SO SORRY!
MOMMY DEAREST [12:02 PM]:  gees..my palms are sweaty
MOMMY DEAREST [12:02 PM]:  I’ve never known her to have a bad attitude towards anyone cept her stepdad
MOMMY DEAREST [12:03 PM]:  and.. you can ask her.. I’m a real stickler for being a good employee...I think you should go to work and throw up in your shoes before calling in sick on a Monday

... and for the record : yes, my mom was really crying for me. How cool is that?

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