Friday, August 08, 2003

I live in a vacuum

Everywhere I go, I see people I know. Everywhere I hide, people I know find me. I dye my hair, rip out my eyebrows, wear a hat and trench coat and someone says "aren't you... yes you are. You're Mia!"

I guess I'm not very good at hiding.

Yesterday I am reading the blog of dear Clamhead and she mentions a silly stunt by her co-workers to have a Moustache Monday, where all the lovely gentlemen in the office grow a moustache for a guffaw. She provides a link to Lord Leiter's page, where there is a picture. I laugh and laugh... and laugh... and then choke. I know that guy!

I blast off a quick email to The Lord (tee hee) to find out if the dear beloved Cookie is indeed my old pal. The Lord confirms that Cookie is he... and all was good.

Now, I have exchanged emails with said Cookie and am working on a reunion.

I guess The Lord, even Lord Leiter, works in mysterious ways...

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