Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Giant Cats of the Amazon

I love my cats. Yes, I am one of those people who talks to the cats and thinks of them during the day. I am not a freak... no...

My cats have Personality Plus! They are the exact polar opposite of the cats that live with other people I know. My cats do not hide under the bed. They don't beg for your dinner. They don't pee in the plants.

My cats are People Cats! They are every bit as obnoxious as a dog to new guests... they walk right up and demand your attention. If you sit on the couch, they're climbing in your lap and trying to smell your breath. If you're wearing any kind of hair products, they'll wrap their arms around your neck and rub their faces (beware if you are finicky about your coif!) They are the friendliest, sweetest, most handsome young gentlemen I have ever known.

And did I mention they're huge?

Not fat (although Monkey could trim down a touch) but actually huge. Monkey weighed 18 pounds at his last check up! 18!! Pounds!! And the vet said he is the epitome of a healthy cat. He's just enormous. Ruckus isn't quite as heavy (maybe 12 pounds) but he is every bit as tall and lanky as Monkey. They're amazing to look at.

To me, they look perfectly normal, I see them every day. When I see other cats I say "tee hee... Ryan look how little this one is!" and people raise their eyebrows. Apparently, they haven't seen MY cats.

And did I mention they are leash trained and we go on walks around our neighborhood? Oh yeah. People peek out their windows and whisper "is that a cat? it can't be! it's so big! plus, who ever heard of a cat on a leash?"

Usually when someone new comes to visit, and the boys are the first to greet them as they say "whoa! Those are some big cats!" They don't mind. I think they're secretly proud.

But I saw a new reaction the other day : fear. Someone at a recent get-together at our house was actually put off by my bohemoths and remarked in private to someone (who obviously can't keep a secret) that they were *afraid* of the cats. Wuh?! Yeah, they're huge, but they are the sweetest feline people I have ever known.

In fact, as I type this, Ruckus is standing behind me with his arms around my neck and rubbing my hair and purring like an engine. Who could be afraid of that?

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