Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Today is one of those days. For me at least... anyone else?
Just a comedy of errors... Only one person shows up to the meeting that you worked so diligently to schedule to coordinate with everyone's schedules (for 10 people)... the teleconference portal breaks down on you anyway... the laptop is missing the power cord... you end up sitting side-by-side with your laptop and wishing you had a breath mint (and knowing that she's thinking the SAME thing). Meeting ends, you head to lunch - score 1 for me, it's Cream of Broccoli Soup Day (a revered occasion in our corp. cafeteria)... spill 1/2 the ladle down the front of the container, over the back of your hand... scalding AND embarrassing... try and clean it up and, of course, mop some right on to your shirt. Tromp back to your desk to sit and eat in front of the computer and realize that you picked up wheat crackers... blech...
Tonight's Human Anatomy exam should be superb... at the rate that I am going, the Scantron is going to fly up and slice my artery and I will die in the middle of the matching section. Sigh. I need a weekend, can you tell? Maybe a week... or a month... maybe a sabbatical for a year? I could out-sleep Rip VanWinkle right now... and as I type this I can hear my mother saying "what are you talking about? When I was your age, I could work a 10 hour day, party all night, get 24 minutes of sleep and get up and do it all again the next day! How can you be tired?" Just another thing lost on my pathetic generation, I suppose... we tire easily.
Just for the record : I am tired. Not just whiny "I wish I didn't have to get up this morning" tired, but honestly and truly tired (shut up, ma!). My days are so overloaded that I think that my brain is busy processing things all night, so I don't get to rest. Is there a drug or a potion that you can take to stop a busy brain? Maybe a long q-tip and some threats through my ear will silence the little booger (and just to show that I have studied : it's the external auditory meatus of the right temporal bone). Sigh. I swear that if you wake me up at 4am, I am making a grocery list and balancing bills (don't pay 'til you get the final notice and pray you have stamps in your wallet)... it's like it never shuts down. I hear people at work talking about this "crazy dream they had last night" where they were in Cancun or Rhode Island or some exotic place... I had a dream that I was calling the cable company and begging them not to disconnect me.

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