Thursday, March 20, 2003

I need a break from all the seriousness of war. You've probably seen this already, but I got the link for the first time yesterday. Truly funny :

All week at work, we have had the TV on CNN. All day. Long. Seriously, it's the most mind numbing thing ever. Makes you hate war, and despise news correspondents. So far, there has not been any BIG news to report and so they fill the hours with mindless chatter. Speculations on what the military *might* do and what they *might* use for weapons and what kinds of guns they *might* be using and what they *might* be having for lunch. It's pathetic. These news networks have sold their souls for ratings. And all of the tickers and timers and countown clocks and graphics... it's all crap. Filler. I am just so burned out on it all. Which is sad, because this should be a time of reflection and support for our troops... people should be longing for the next picture from the battlefield of our troops out there kicking butt. Instead I get naseous looking at camoflauge. Thanks CNN.

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